FAQs on SEO Training

Q1 : How challenging is the SEO process?

Answer : SEO is based on actionable insights and techniques that can be learned by anyone willing to invest time and effort.

Q2 : Will you offer up-to-date SEO Training?

Asnwe : Absolutely, we bring extensive professional experience in SEO and stay current with all Google SEO updates like Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, and Mobilegeddon. You’ll receive comprehensive training on every aspect of SEO.

Q3 : Are training sessions available during regular working hours?

Answer : Training sessions are scheduled from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, allowing us to maintain professional commitments during daytime hours.

Q4 : What are the fees for the SEO course?

Answer : The fee for our Advanced Digital Marketing White Hat SEO Course is only Rs 30,000 after applicable discounts.

Q5 : How large are your training batches?

Answer : We prioritize personalized training and avoid large batch systems to ensure focused learning.

Q6 : Do you offer an advanced course for those willing to pay more?

Answer : The fee covers our advanced SEO course, providing in-depth knowledge of search engines, on-page, off-page, SMO, and all essential SEO concepts.

Q7 : I recently completed SEO Training from a reputed institute in Delhi but haven’t achieved satisfactory results. What should I do next?

Answer : SEO success relies on mastering techniques rather than the source of training. If you lack confidence in your SEO process, consider our Advanced SEO Training to refine your skills.